RF Microneedling in New York, NY

RF Microneedling in New York, NY

Are you bothered by the subtle signs of aging in your skin? Have you noticed fine lines or wrinkles becoming more apparent? Has your skin become discolored and lost its texture? Consider calling or visiting IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa in New York City. Our dedicated specialists work to keep themselves updated on recent innovations when it comes to skincare. Secret RF microneedling is a new way to help de-age skin and give it new life without costly and timely surgery. Using this process, we can rewind the hands of time and give you a face with which you are confident.

No two clients’ skin issues are the same, which is why we provide personalized care and individualized treatments based on the goals and needs of the client. Whether you need Secret RF microneedling or something like CoolSculpting to rid yourself of unwanted weight, we can assist. Our estheticians train and study plenty of different ways to help our clients feel their GLO and be confident every time they walk out of our office. Take on New York City looking and feeling your best. Give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation and speak with our team about your skin goals so we can work together to achieve them.

Professional Estheticians Provide Younger Tighter Skin

What Are Secret RF Microneedling Services?

RF microneedling is a modern innovation when it comes to turning the hands of time back on your face. It is also completely customizable because we understand the vast array of clients within the New York City area. Secret uses an innovative fractional radiofrequency (RF) microneedling system in order to thicken your tissue. It addresses the common signs of aging by stimulating and remodeling the collagen in your system through hemostasis. Our staff is excited to go into further details about the procedure and happily go over any questions you may have to see if Secret RF microneedling is for you.

How Secret RF Microneedling Works

Using either a 25 or 64 pin device, the IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa technicians can give your skin new energy with radiofrequency waves. This non-invasive medical spa treatment prevents any downtime when looking to give life to your skin. These devices are small enough to hold them in our hands for a more accurate implementation in the area you find problematic. We can also adjust the depth of the needles on your skin and the type to perfectly customize the process to your unique needs and skincare regimen. We provide you with everything you need to reach your goals and look your best.

Benefits of Receiving Secret RF Microneedling Treatments

When looking to rid your face of wrinkles and fine lines, the team at IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa can help with Secret RF microneedling. We can provide this type of relief to any and all types of skin thanks to the customization allowed by this modern tool. The beauty is you will not need downtime to recover from this treatment either and could return to work after we finish. We can help with all sorts of blemishes and other skin conditions to give you the smoothest skin possible. We aim to have you look and feel your best. Check out the different skin conditions we can help with this innovative technique:

Why Choose IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa and Secret RF?

Our professionals provide these Secret RF microneedling services for our clients to help give them the best skin possible. You have plenty of choices in this arena of skincare, but we believe Secret RF microneedling is the perfect option because of its non-invasive nature. We can get you in and out of our state-of-the-art facility during your lunch break and have you back to work with little to no downtime. We also can provide this medical spa treatment to a multitude of types without worry. We quickly treat many different skin diagnoses to repair your self-confidence back. Walkthrough the streets of New York City with your head held high. Trust our estheticians to treat your skin accurately and effectively.

IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa Provides Secret RF Microneedling and More

The team at IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa cannot wait to help give you the skin you deserve. By calling today, you can set up your initial consultation with us. Sit down with one of our professionals and go over all the goals you have for your skin. Our talented team will inform you of all treatments available. We can develop personalized solutions, and customized treatment plans to ensure all are met. Our New York City clients have come to trust us over the past few years, and we love seeing them confidently walk out of our doors after treatment.

RF Microneedling RESULTS


RF Microneedling is suitable for anyone looking to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture; a consultation will confirm if it’s right for your skin type and concerns.

Initial results may appear within days to weeks after treatment, with full benefits developing over months as collagen production increases.

Results can last several months and can be prolonged with regular treatments and a proper skincare routine.

Patients can typically resume daily activities immediately, with side effects like redness and swelling lasting only a few days.

Avoid sun exposure before treatment and maintain a gentle skincare routine afterward to enhance recovery.

During RF Microneedling, you will experience a sensation of tiny needles penetrating the skin, combined with the warmth from the radiofrequency energy. The procedure is generally well-tolerated with a topical anesthetic, and it typically takes about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

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