Photofacial in New York, NY

Photofacial in New York, NY

Our photofacial services at IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa are a non-invasive skin care treatment that utilizes light-based technology to help diminish the signs of correct hyperpigmentation, treat sun damage, vascular imperfections and early signs of aging. Treatments are especially effective for smoothing out the skin tone on your hands, face, neck and chest.

An intense light is applied in a series of gentle pulses over the area you wish to have treated. Sun and age spots will initially become darker but will flake off in a few days. Broken capillaries are also re-absorbed by the body within several days.

You can have healthier-looking skin with no downtime, pain or invasive procedures. In fact, you can resume normal activities immediately after leaving the IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa. For optimal results, a series of three to five treatments are recommended. Treatments are spaced approximately three weeks apart. You may desire additional treatments once or twice a year to maintain results. Treatments are spaced 3 to 5 weeks apart.


When you decide to go with photofacial services from IN•GLO Face and Body Sculpting Med Spa you will meet with a well-trained technician to figure out your personalized treatment plan to get your skin tone smoothed out. Some of the other major benefits and improvements are listed below:

  • Sunspots
  • Age spots
  • Dull complexions
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Large pores
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Early signs of aging
  • Redness
  • Rosacea
  • Dilated capillaries


Side effects from the treatment are rare. Immediately following the treatment though you may notice flushed, brown pigmented spots that appear darker. Capillaries may be more visible as well. Make sure that you let us know if any of these persist so that we may assist in helping relieve those issues.

We do offer free consultations to discover if this is the right facial treatment for you.


Photofacial is ideal for those aiming to enhance skin tone and treat issues like sunspots, age spots, dullness, uneven coloration, enlarged pores, sun damage, and early aging signs.

You may start noticing an improvement in your skin’s appearance after just one photofacial session. However, optimal results are usually achieved after several treatments spaced a few weeks apart.

Photofacial results vary by individual skin condition and lifestyle, but with good skincare and sun protection, they can last long, with touch-ups for upkeep.

Photofacial is a non-invasive treatment with minimal downtime. Some may have temporary redness, swelling, or dark spots after a Photofacial, but these effects typically subside within hours or days.

Before a Photofacial, stay out of the sun, skip tanning, and momentarily stop using certain skin products or meds. Post-treatment, shield skin from UV rays and adhere to care instructions and routine.

In a Photofacial, a technician uses a light device on your skin, causing warm sensations or mild tingling. The 30-minute treatment is usually comfortable and can address multiple facial or body areas at once.

Contact us for individual treatments and package pricing. Your first session is free when a package of six is purchased.

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